Thursday, January 7, 2010

Plain White Tee Gets a Makeover!

I wrote about Ann-Sophie Back's AW09 RTW collection earlier, and some of it's inspirations - horror villains, dreams, and other nightmarish posse. And the collection obviously had ideas derived from the native-American dreamcatcher - feathers, circular patterns with intricate web-weaving integrated into the garments, which I reckon was very creative.

Anyway, this wicked t-shirt designed by Kling by Kling caught my attention today. It reminded me quite a bit of the mystical dreamcatcher:

I just find it so...Cool! What's really cool about it, is what the t-shirt was designed for. It's part of Project White T-shirt - which, if you haven't heard of, is exhibited to support the Designers against Aids charity.  31 designers from 13 countries challenge their own creativity and innovation towards the humble white t-shirt. To turn something plain and boring into so much more, into anything, even furniture! The reformation of the plain white tee is definitely anything but plain...

Which got me curious about Kling by Kling. According to their website, "KLING by KLING is a world of dreams and the clothes are there to immerse the viewer with fantasies." Gotta Lovvvee love love that kind of design philosophy.


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