Sunday, January 10, 2010

Costume and Coats ~ Love.

Had a lazy Sunday today, watched a couple of movies and some other lazy hobbies. Today, it was Stardust and Interview with the Vampire. I'm a fantasy typa gal :)
I'm also one of those people that always notices when somebody gets a haircut, even a little one. And when I get bored in class, unintentionally divert my full attention to what people are wearing, and what hairstyle they have goin on. So, needless to say, when I'm watching a movie, I love looking at the CLOTHES.

Monsier Lestat! J'adore your ruffles, and frilly things. And that colour blue suits you so well! <3

Seriously, this guy - Lestate/Tom Cruise - Is there any other guy that could look this good in frills and lace? And make it look incredibly sexy...mMMm
I'm a real fan of lace and frills and ruffles and flounces etc...ahh I should've lived in the 1800's..attend masquerades...wear frilly nightgowns...............
And, of course, I
And Lestat, who is an amazing character, by the way,
has like, the coolest coat! look at those gold patterns! So elegant, and well done! Gotta find out who the costume designer was. Look at the buttons on Louis/Brad Pitt's coat. So detailed....velvety, silky goodness.

Watching Stardust, I really liked Septimus' coat:

I think it's the abundance of buttons that really got me diggin this.
Tristan's coat was pretty cool too...but not as cool as this baddy's...

There's just somethin about guy coats that I find so attractive. I remember last winter, really wanted a cool coat, but there were so many varieties, making it so difficult to choose.
And even more so, when you're on a tight budget, and the one thing you get has to be totally gorgeous. And when you want something, or there's a piece of clothing you wanna get, your eyes just peel themselves, and you pay a lot of attention to things, and notice things you didn't before.

Like if you really wanted gladiator sandals, you'd start seeing all these people wearing gladiator sandals on the street, in the malls. Or like once, I had a crush on this guy Eric, and I swear! I started seeing his name everywhere! Like it was a sign or something!

So yeah, I ended up buying this coat, that if you buttoned right up, sorta looked something like it was from Victorian times. Like a Victorian dress, which looked kinda weird, so I don't button it right up. It sorta looks kinda witchy, which is why I love it. Love to look intimidating and mysterious. What a perk!

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