Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Miss That.

I just finished reading this blog entry, and I feel I can really relate to Melissa's feelings of taking photographs with a manual camera vs. a digital one. Nowadays, I think people have just become more impatient. Our desire to have things, have them fast, could possibly be reducing the quality of that tiny experience, those little moments that we took for granted. The preciousness of them.

The digital age has probably made us feel less of that spark, little ounce of happiness from driving to the pharmacy to get the developed photographs, and opening the package like it was a Christmas present, and then finding out all at once what sort of memories you had captured, perfect and imperfect moments. Now with digital cameras, we strive for that perfect picturesque. Imperfection has no value.

When I get a handwritten letter in the mailbox from a friend overseas, compared with an email, or a facebook message,  the feeling is different. The feeling is better. That venture of walking to the mailbox, and finding a letter addressed to you, trying to figure out who it's from, and then opening it slowly. It's so much more than just a click of a button. There's anticipation, curiosity. I miss that.

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