Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birth of The Moonlight Journal

Holiday is time away from pressures and commitments,'s kind of how it should be. That's what it was made for. Of course in reality it's never entirely this way, but we take the hand we're dealt. The new year has silently creeped up again, and then BOO! It's here! What shall we do? I never was one for new year's resolutions. I mean, they're those things that you say you'll do in order to improve yourself for the next 365 days, and then sort of forget about it after the "Oh, it's another new year" hype is over.

But I like the idea of a said commitment, it sounds like some stylishly serious business. I guess it could be. Has the potential doesn't it? This...declaration, i guess - resolution. Even the word itself is robust. So for the sake of being fortunate to live into another New Year, why not follow this harmless tradition? I think it is harmless. Would you really bawl yourself to tears finding out another 365 days later that you didn't stick to your resolutions? Hardly. I hope. 

My New Year's Resolutions...

1. Take care of myself.

I know I don't do this enough. And I'm annoyed that this resolution is so vague. I should be more specific but whatever. I should really eat better food - as in healthy food, and sleep earlier, as in...say 9pm, and bother to blowdry my hair nicely so I don't look like a hag in the morning.

2. Take care of my money.

As more, spend less. Such a sucker for sales. I buy all this stuff I really don't need at all. Whenever I'm in the zone of such an expenditure, there's these two voices in my head. "you don't need this." "but you want this. you want to have it". "you don't need this" blurs into obscurity. Sometimes I'm happy about the result, sometimes I realise too late, that I really didn't need it. 

3. Draw more.
I miss drawing, painting and stuff. It's quite therapeutic, I think. And it makes me kind of happy, like in that moment there's this really cool purpose of mine. I bought a sketchbook last year, didn't use it much. It's about time I put it to use. Should use it to sketch some new designs. 

4. Work on those damn sewing skills. which suck, I must add. Ok, really I'm not that bad. just slow...and if unlucky, slow and confused. 

5. Study hard. and 
6. Study like I need it to breathe.

In order to prevent from beating myself up mentally for not trying hard enough, and then having to live with the consequences. Enough said. Don't even want to start on that. 

7. Maybe work on my cooking skills too. It's quite the survival skill I want to harness.

8. Improve my piano playing.  ahh, for the sake of art.
and 9. Love fashion more passionately. for the sake of fashion - one of the reasons this blog has been created.


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