Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ann-Sofie Back burns in Hell.

I just discovered Ann-Sofie Back's Fall09 RTW collection Ann-Sofie Back burns in Hell, like, neary a year after it's show on London Fashion Week. Anyway - I digg it. Totally. It's not the kind of thing I would normally wear, but I can say, for sure, I'd be caught dead in it anyday. You know what I mean? And there's definitely something very captivating about it that just holds your attention. It feels different, definitely more underground than mainstream, I suppose is one way of putting it. It's not another season's version of a grecian goddess, or bella ballerina..I say it's something special.

Maybe it's the make-up, the Edward Scissorhands meets beetlejuice meets Freddy Kruger look. Something seemingly...horrible? can become so stylish. The design definitely has a memorable presense to me. It could be a gothgirl's dream, a beautiful nightmare, and hey, I'd say that's a good thing. Possession, prom-queen, dream-catchers, corpses, all bring such a unique perspective. I think you could go even far as to say necrophilia could've been an inspiration. Garments slashed in a way that screams Elm Street, the outfits were conservative but with adequate amount of sexy.

I think one of the key original elements of the collection were the references to Dream Catchers, the webbing, the intricate knotting, feathers. Just the details of it, you could see that everything was very thoughfully done, even the slashing on the clothes. At first glance, you may think it's randomly slashed, and..even your five year old sister could do the same with a pair of scissors to your favourite shirt, you're mistaken, and you realise that there's a structure and a pattern, and everything has been thought through. It's this careful, yet rebellious kind of construction that attracts me to this collection. And it's consistency is flawless, which is why I strongly disagree with this commentary. And what if it's not utterly wearable? This is catwalk. I wonder how Ms. O'Niell reacts to couture..........and she must think I have weird taste. Oh well, can't please all. Weirdoz rule!

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