Friday, January 8, 2010

Bag of Lollies!

Snooped around, and found a bag of lollies! Lolita style <3

Frilly bloomer from Betsy Johnson.. 
Ohh, definitely prep. I can even imagine this as some harajuku schoolgirl fad. Bloomers, as in traditional undies right? I wonder what grandma would say if I walked out with bold pink undies, totally exposed and a skimpy skirt…yeah yeah. I know they're just shorts. Ohh doesn't it just remind you of….bubblegum! how fantastic! Luv Betsy-J.

Chanel Candy Floss! This dress is soo sweet. It can be a sundress, evening dress, nightdress, betcha could even pass as a lil wedding dress?

Karen Walker. Can someone shout Pinata?! This is sooo rad. It's cute, yet so much more than just cute. Sophisticated, creative. The graphics are to die for!

Oh you wacky Louis, my Louis are tempting me with marshmellows and chocolate..mMMm..lollycake lollycake, rockyroad rockyroad!

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