Friday, January 8, 2010

Ohh My Mugler!

Was cleaning my computer a moment ago. Yes, and about time too. Utterly disorganised files everywhere. My bedroom's not that bad though, I swear! Anyway, I found a stash of pictures off Thierry Mugler's Women Edition Collection AW09/10

Sophisticated, elegant, simply gorgeous! And sexy. Some of the clothes are hard-edged, and some have a more softer feel. There seems to be a sense of power, an enticing kind of..charisma maybe? embodied in the clothes, the model, captured by the photographer? And the clothes are oh, so wearable!

These are my favourites. By all means check the collection out. There's quite a variety, though they all embody the same sense of power and luxury.
I'm a sucker for black lace. Or lace in general. It's just so timeless. Modern and traditional at the same time. And entirely feminine. Deliciousness.
I love how shiny, clad and sexy it is. This one could even be an outfit straight out of an action film. Say Batman/Underworld-esc? Or a kick-ass secret agent..Imagine her kickin ass wit those heels! Classy.

Something you can totally wear from dusk till dawn. Incredibly chic.

I wish I had the bucks to buy this. All I can say is that this dress is so beautiful.  I am in lovee with this look.

Oh, and by the way, isn't Angel just one of the best fragrances of all time?

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